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USA Today Bestselling Author!

The Killer Beach Reads collection featuring the Poppy Peters prequel, Ice Cream Bombes & Stolen Thongs, made the USA Today Bestseller list! I'm very grateful for all the lovely authors over at Gemma Halliday Publishing who worked so hard to make this happen. Also, thanks to all you readers out there who have enjoyed the Poppy Peters mystery series. Without you, I wouldn't be posting this!

Have a happy (and delicious) summer, everyone! 


New Release!


Springtime in Bison Creek means mountain blossoms, berry pies, and…a dead body. 

The Hummingbird Inn Bed & Breakfast is the last place Essie Stratter expects to find a crime scene. And with the grand opening just around the corner, Essie joins in the hunt for the killer. With an energetic spaniel at her side, Essie discovers that to find the murderer she must solve one of the town's oldest mysteries – the curse of the Weston house. But after a book club feud, a string of gift shop robberies, and an impromptu wedding, Essie realizes her time is up. Now, her only hope at stopping a killer is to offer herself up as bait. 

**Recipes Included**